Welcome to Ocean County Investments:

A place where investors find their dream properties and tenants get well-maintained homes, apartments in Toms River, Brick and Bayville New Jersey at affordable rents. We manage a diversified portfolio of apartment buildings and homes for rent and focus on tenant retention through proactive property management. For our investors, this translates to dependable cash rental income, low turnover rates, and a high return on investment. Our primary area of operation is Ocean County, NJ, where we are integrated into the roots of the community. But we are expanding our reach and working towards a portfolio that covers the whole state and beyond. Our experts and professionals cover the whole spectrum of real estate investment and property management. Our investors benefit from having one, full-suite team on their side, working in coherence to realize their investment goals. 

Real Estate Blog

Ocean County Investments’ real estate blog – an online resource center for investors, tenants, and prospective homeowners looking for sound professional advice on property management.

Who We Are

We are your guide to real estate investment and property management solutions. With our rich area of expertise, we can help you through all the channels of becoming a successful investor. Whether it’s market research, allocating and evaluating the right assets, estimating improvements and bottom line, and managing the property to generate a decent and consistent rental income, we have the professionals to deliver it.

Our competence in managing the rental properties is evident in our significantly lower than market vacancy rates of 3.7%. We also pride ourselves on tenant happiness and a high retention rate. Managing a rental property is much more than routine maintenance and capital improvement; it's about tenant satisfaction. And that’s how we operate. We know what tenants want, which also aids us in evaluating a property for investment, beyond the brick and mortar.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue operating our investment and property management business with integrity and efficiency. Whether you are an investor working with us, or a tenant in one of our properties, we strive for your satisfaction.

We don’t just find a property for our investors and potential tenants; we find the property for them. We aim to make sure that tenants get the best quality of housing at affordable rates. And investors working with us find the best asset for their capital.

We also take pride in aiding our investors in financial matters by connecting them to the best lenders and providing them with sound financial advice that yields in the substantial Return on Investments (ROI).

Let us help you evaluate your next real estate investment

Should I Rent? BRRRR? Or FLIP? This question has been asked all over the internet, needless to say without clear answer. Everyone needs second opinion, either first time buyer or experienced investor. Our property investment analysis (Pro Forma) report will include all financial analysis:

  • Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate)
  • Cash on Cash Return (CCR)
  • Return on Equity (ROE)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Internal Rate of Investment (IRR)
  • Buy and Hold Projections 
  • And much more, check out our property analysis reports for: BRRRR, FLIP, RENTAL

 All this to guide you in your monetary decision.

We strive to provide our customers with excellent service!